zign shoes

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Photos: Annabel


SWEATER : Isabel Marant Étoile

BELT : Isabel Marant Étoile

BAG : Givenchy

JEANS : J Brand

BOOTS : Zign


kragerø resort & spa

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Photos: Fredrik & me 


Hello sunday! I started this day with 50 min massage at the spa, and that was so amazing. I needed it! After that we went for breakfast and now we have a few hours left until we are leaving. I've had the most amazing birthday weekend, and now my batteries are charged big time for a new week. I'll show you some more pics later, but here are a few shots. It's so pretty here! 



blacks and beiges

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Photos: Annabel


JACKET : Sheinside.com

SWEATER : Isabel Marant Étoile


BAG : 3.1 Phillip Lim

BOOTS : Isabel Marant


happy birthday to me

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Photos: Fredrik


Hello saturday! It's my birthday today, it's exactly 24 years since I was born. I'm spending the whole weekend at Kragerø Resort & Spa with my boyfriend and good friends. We just had the best breakfast, and now we're hitting the gym and the pool. And that's the only plans we have for the day. I love it! 



zign event in berlin

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Photos: Me 


I just realized that I had totally forgot about showing you the pics from the event I went to Berlin for. The event was hosted by Zign shoes at a boxing club in Berlin. It was so awesome, and something entirely new for me. I got to see a few boxing matches, while drinking champagne and eating burritos. Such a fun event. I was wearing a pair of amazing shoes from Zign, I will show you them in an outfit post soon. Love them! 



sienna wrap

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Photos: Linn



SWEATER : Lindex

NECKLACE : Maria Black

BAG : Givenchy

SKIRT : Isabel Marant

BOOTS : Zara 


grey nightingale

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Givenchy Nightingale 


Ok, so I got another bag confession to make. Actually, I haven't bought this one for myself. It's my birthday the upcoming saturday, and I got my birthday gift early this year. My boyfriend and his family gave me this pretty bag from Givenchy, and I'm head over heels in love. I've wanted this bag since forever, and this size and color is perfect! 


Btw, hello you! It's thursday, and tomorrow Fredrik and I are leaving for Kragerø Spa for the weekend with a couple of friends. I can't wait. A full weekend with total relaxation, spa and my favorite people. It's gonna be awesome! And yeah, It's my birthday on saturday! I love having birthday. Hi hi. 


four days left - #aussomejob

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Hello thursday! I thought I should start this day by reminding you of the Aussome Job competition where you can win 6 months in Australia instagraming for Aussie. That sounds so incredibly amazing in my ears, I wanna go myself. Ha ha. If you still haven't participated you can do it here; aussiehair.tumblr.com/job


It's only four days left to participate, and after that the jury (including me) will choose their 20 favorites out of all the participants. Remember to vote for your favorite now, so that they have a chance at becoming one of the 20 nominees. All the nominees will be posted on aussiehair.tumblr.com/job and they will also get Aussie's favorite miracle-products. I can't wait to go through all your pretty pictures, and I know it's gonna be hard choosing my favorites. 


pretty lashes

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Photo: Me 


On monday I spent my morning getting my lashes refilled. I love my lash extensions so much, and I don't ever want to quit it. I spares me so much time in the morning, and you always feel fresh. I'm so addicted! I'm getting my lashes at S&M in Prinsensgate in Oslo, so recommended! And don't mind my grumpy face in the pic, I'm not grumpy at all (I actually had just received some awesome news), but I still have that cold. Ha ha. 


oufit in berlin

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Photos: Espen



SWEATER : Isabel Marant Étoile

BAG : 3.1 Phillip Lim

TOP : Isabel Marant Étoile

JEANS : Rag & Bone

BOOTS : Isabel Marant 


so this happend

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New in; 3.1 Phillip Lim Ryder bag


So, you know I wrote that post about the 3.1 Phillip Lim bags that had just arrived at theoutnet.com? Well, I couldn't help myself. I tried to forget about this bag, but it didn't work, I needed it in my closet. So I ordered it last week, and on thursday it arrived. It was with me all weekend, and it was the only bag I used in Berlin. I love it already, the color is amazing! You can get it here, at -50% off!