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Photos: Linn


Happy friday! Weekend again, gah, time flies by so fast. I can't even believe it. It's my birthday in a month, and that means christmas is only two months away. I feel like it was yesterday that I went to New York, but that was back in march. And it feels like I just turned 20 years old, but in a month I'm turning 24. I guess I'm not the only one that feels like time flies by to fast? Please say I'm not the only one. Ha ha! Today I went to the gym before work, and after work I'm having a cozy night in with my boyfriend. I love friday nights at the couch! 


KNIT : Choies.com

BELT : Iro

BAG : Proenza Schouler

JEANS : Carmar

SNEAKERS : Isabel Marant 


polhem pr ss15

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Photos: Me


It's press week in Oslo right now, and all the press agencies are hosting press events. I have only gotten myself to two of them, since most of the events are in the middle of the day and I'm usually at work at those hours. But on tuesday I went to Polhem PR to check out their spring/summer collections. I really love their beauty corner and the training outfits from Casall. Just look at the black and white flowery set underneath, I wouldn't mind working out in those pieces! It makes me so happy to just look at. Hi hi. 



nelly cravings

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1. Skirt from Notion 1.3 

2. T-shirt from American Vintage

3. Mules from River Island

4. Underwear from Calvin Klein

5. Pink coat from Notion 1.3 

6. Candle from Voluspa

7. Jersey dress from Nly Trend

8. Boots from Notion 1.3 

9. White coat from Notion 1.3. 

10. Pointy boots from Nly Shoes


This is what this month's wish list from Nelly.com looks like. I really want the mules, even though I already have a pair. Ha ha. And the boots aren't so bad either. Hmm, maybe I need to order some new pieces? 


black & white

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Photos: Fredrik



SWEATER : Nly Trend


BAG : 3.1 Phillip Lim


BOOTS : Isabel Marant


Vinn kit fra Make Up Revolution

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Hei onsdag og hei konkurransetid! Denne konkurransen er i samarbeid med Make Up Revolution, et veldig anerkjent sminkemerke i England og som nå skal lanseres i Norge. Lanseringsfesten er neste uke, og jeg skal dit og teste masse fin sminke. Det gleder jeg meg til! Jeg har fått lov til å dele ut et make up kit fra Make Up Revolution til en av dere heldige lesere. Dette må du gjøre for å delta i konkurransen: 


1. Skriv "JA! Jeg vil teste Make Up Revolution" i kommentarfeltet

2. Legg også igjen e-post adresse slikt at jeg kan kontakte vinneren


Vinner trekkes 29. oktober. Lykke til! 


lunching with specsavers

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Photos: Me and borrowed


On monday I went to Alex Suhsi for a trendy lunch with specsavers. We got to see the SS15 collection, and Ulrikke Lund showed us the sunglasses she has designed for Specsavers. So cool! Alex Sushi was amazing btw, the food was so delicious. I have to go back there sometime! I didn't get to take to many pics on monday, put I got to check my eyes to see how my sight was. And it was bad, so I really need some new glasses now! 


pic borrowed from Heidichic

Pic borrowed from Ulrikke Lund


sundays apparel

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Photos: Fredrik


Hello tuesday! I started work late today, so I had a long morning with breakfast and coffee, just the way I like it. After work I'm headed to the gym, so it's gonna be a late night, but again, that's the way I like it. Hope you all had a wonderful tuesday! 


JACKET : Topshop


CLUTCH : Givenchy

WATCH : Daniel Wellington

JEANS : Rag & Bone

SNEAKERS : Isabel Marant 


for sale

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For sale, Iro jacket


Har oppdatert bloppisen med noen få godsaker fra garderoben. Blant annet denne jakken fra Iro, som dessverre blir altfor lite brukt. Ta en titt på bloppisen her, håper noen av tingene finner en ny eier som kanskje bruker det litt mer en jeg får gjort. Husk at dere kan sende meg en mail dersom dere lurer på noe, på kaja.marie@hotmail.com. Happy shopping. 


turtleneck time

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Photos: Fredrik



BAG : 3.1 Phillip Lim

PANTS : Isabel Marant 

WATCH : Michael Kors

BOOTS : Isabel Marant


iCare shoot - the result

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Photos: Janne Rugland


Here is the result from the iCare shoot I was on earlier this month. I love the scarf, and when it goes to a good cause I love it even more. You can order the scarf and some other pretty things here, and remember that one scarf sold gives one person his/hers sight back.


Happy monday btw! I have the day of, so I'm soon headed out for lunch at Alex Sushi with Specsavers, that's gonna be so much fun. We're gonna see the SS15 collection, I'll of course try to take a lot of pictures for you guys.  



a new mini pashli

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Photos: Me 


After I sold my green and gold mini pashli from 3.1 Phillip Lim I've been craving a new one. The colors in the old one wasn't for me, and that's reason I sold it. I wanted one in a darker color with silver/black hardware. When I found this one, I quickly realized that it was perfect. I'm loving the colors in it, so pretty. You'll see it in action tomorrow! 


Now I'm headed back to Oslo after a nice weekend in Fredrikstad. My brother is driving us, I really think it's about time we get our own car now. Need it so much, and that means I also need to get my drivers license. Maybe this fall is the time to get it?